Horizontal Climber

Gitte Juul_The Horizontal Climber

Object shown at the ADAPT-r conference Making Research│Researching Making in Aarhus sept. 2015.

The box creates a boundary for the boundless and infinite without creating an object with a finite form. The object consists of a rhizome root system that respects no borders. It does not grow from the bottom up, but horizontally from the centre out and is reshaped by wind and weather. It is consisting of lines – not between points, but between crosses – that connects to each other in all directions. It has no clear demarcation, no beginning and no end. Everything is connected in a way that makes everything lead to everything and all forms of movement affect each other. The rhizome operates beneath the surface, while it challenges the principles and systems above ground level. The long and branched rhizomes of the root system retain their survivability, even in tiny pieces. It does not keep to specific locations but exceeds social divisions and grows in allotment gardens, castle gardens, road verges, public parks and villa gardens. The rhizome root system belongs to the Nettle, which follows people and has always done so. As long as there is nitrate in the ground, it is moving across borders of regions and countries. Time or physical laws do not limit the Nettle. It moves back in history and forward in time – into the future.