500 m3 Unit

B. Situationsdiagram

The project is a proposal for a 50m2, 10m high unit, where more than two hundred 500m3 joint units were to form the GBD Art District in Beijing. The proposed unit provides a  flexible workspace, an external open space and a private living environment.

H. GBD art district

Aerial view of  GBD Art District in Beijing.

Galleries and exhibition spaces are the structure that connects individual artists. As a serpent, units connected to each other at ground/exhibition level, are drawing lines in the landscape, interweaving buildings & landscape, work & leisure and public & private spaces. In groups of 8, units and mirrored units are creating a warped configuration, which offer a vitiated public space. Entering the voids in the serpent, which connects the spaces between serpents, the visitor meets the gallery space with possibilities for mingling between units. A set of stairs lead to the atelier with a private outdoor space for working and recreation, which offers fluid borders between interior and exterior. The inhabitants can choose to link the units via this outdoor space at 1. level for various events. Above the atelier is a private living space with a void, which offers a great light down to the atelier.


The configuration of serpents creates strips of landscape with great variations, regarding size as well as character.

C. Grundplan

Ground floor is for exhibiting with possibilities for mingling between units. Visitors can enter right into the exhibiting space of the different units and the connected exhibition spaces have a possibility of creating a continuous public space.

D. 1. salsplan

Atelier level is a space for working with fluid borders between inte­rior and exterior. The atelier has a private outdoor space for work­ing and recreation and units can be linked via this outdoor space.

E. 2. salsplan

Top floor is a living space with a void and a great light down to the studio floor below. This level offers a very private space with a large window with a sitting area.

F. tværsnit_1+2